Introducing our hassle-free Professional Email

Having an all-in-one solution to manage your email, appointments and contacts, does not need to be expensive or require any technical knowledge.


Our solution enables you to trade using your own brand, and at the same time it offers a wide range of tools to enhance the way you work!

A professional looking mailbox is just the beginning. What about a full-featured calendar and address book, fully synchronised across all your devices?

Use your own domain

Reach out to your contact and customer using your preferred domain, representing your name and your brand.

Multi Calendar

Adding a new calendar or connecting to a web calendar is as easy as typing a name with our web client.

Mobile Friendly

Our solution easily integrate with most smart device to offer a unique and consistent experience on every device.

A Webmail that shines

Our webmail is supported by the most common browsers and offers a unique experience on any screen size.

Address Book

Never forget that name again! Our integrated Address Book will help you have your contact always at reach.

Top-notch security

State-of-the-art antispam and antivirus engines will make sure that your experience will be worry-free.

We have a plan for you

Whether you are a contractor or a small business, we have the right package for what you need.
1. Any .com, .org, .net domain is automatically accepted. Other first level domains are available on request and conditional upon approval.
2. Additional mailboxes £29/yr.
3. Via Exchange Active Sync protocol.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any doubt about our Professional Email Service? Check these frequently asked questions as the answer might be there already!

I already have my domain, can I use it?

As long as you can configure the DNS of your domain, or let us do it for you, you can use your domain. Otherwise, we will help find the right domain for you.

I don't have a domain, can you provide that?

Yes, we can add a domain to your package. The cost is not included in the Lone Ranger and Small Pack plans and will be billed annually together with the mailboxes.

How Much does the domain cost?

It depends on the first level domain. While and .org domains are relatively inexpensive, some new first level domains (.io) can be pricey.

How can I use my total space?

You can create as many mailboxes as they are allowed by your plan and allocate the quota you desire to each, as long as the total allocation is smaller than the Total Space (e.g. if you have a Small Pack plan you can create 3 mailboxes with 10, 3 and 2 GB each as the total is 15 GB.

I have unlimited aliases, what does it mean?

An alias is an email address that doesn’t have its own mailbox, but it is redirected to an existing one. For instance, you can create the mailbox [email protected] and request the alias [email protected]. We will forward all emails sent to [email protected] to [email protected].

I have a problem with my email, what shall I do?

For any sort of problem with your mailbox you can get in touch with us by opening a ticket on our support page. We will do out best to answer and solve your problem in the fastest possible way. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Technical Details

The whole solution is based on open source software:

  • Debian Linux
  • Nginx
  • MariaDB
  • Postfix
  • Dovecot
  • ClamAV
  • Amavis
  • Spamassassin
  • fail2ban
  • SOGo Groupware

All bugfixes and updates are provided durectly by some of the most trustworthy vendors on the market.

The server only accepts secure connections (POP/SMTP/IMAP over TLS, HTTPS for webmail). Emails are encrypted with TLS while transiting whenever possible. Passwords are stored in SSHA512.
A combination of Spamassassin, ClamAV, SPF and DKIM, together with  whitelisting/blacklisting/greylisting flow, make sure that most of the spam and all viruses never reach our server and stay very well away from your mailbox.

Servers Details



  • CPU Load 7%
  • Space Used 3%
  • Network Load 1%


Any doubt before purchasing?

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The technology stack our Professional Email is based on:
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